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GET A GRASP ON YOUR PRESENCE – impactful storytelling (ENG)

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Your personal and professional story spoken, told, and written authentically and impactfully true to your essence for a specific (professional) context.


Storytelling is telling stories to understand ourselves, the world and others around us and to make them feel what we feel.

Great to see you here! 

Even though storytelling is hip and happening. This programme is more than storytelling. This programme reveals the stories you tell to yourself, the stories you tell others, the stories that are told about you and the stories you want to leave behind. I am your alignment coach, business coach, brand coach, presence director, story tailor, word and image artist, inspirator, your conscience, your place of truth … whatever you need to tell your powerful story. Impact Stories richt zich op twee thema’s:


You know what you are good at. You know how to talk about your profession. You know how to talk about your product(s). You are probably apt at telling what you do, where you were born. Even more so, what you do makes you happy. You know what your “strength” are, your competencies, your qualities, maybe you also know how to explain your choices in life and work.

You are also familiar with the why, how and what of Simon Sinek. You may have already followed some programmes, tests, business trajectories that left you with many words but no real story. One that makes your own heart beat faster. A story that portrays your wholeness so that you have an understanding of yourself and know how to touch and inspire others.

The real reason you are here is that you are ready to shape and tell your powerful story  originating from your authentic self, your core values ​​and your core convictions. You want to stand in the world as you are. You want to do as you are. But who are you?

  • You are in front of a group, training or doing a presentation, you gradually see your audience drop out right in front of your eyes. You feel powerless.
  • You are at a gathering and are asked to talk about who you are or what you do. The story that rolls out of your mouth is average.
  • Or, you once started your business and built a website. Your website story is professional but very impersonal.
  • As an entrepreneur, coach, trainer, manager, professional you would like to use storytelling in a credible and authentic way.
  • You secretly dream of sharing your personal story. Of standing in front of an audience. But what is that story?
  • And, how do you find that story? How do you shape that story? How do you tell it?
  • How do you connect to yourself and to others using your story?

For whom: Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Coaches, Professionals, Speakers… 




Storytelling doesn’t sound like something you’d associate with business, and it isn’t. Storytelling is the story behind the business. The story that is about

  • who you are, what you do, why and how you do it
  • your brand and it’s origin
  • about using human stories or  communicating as humanly as possible
  • how relevant you and your product are to the person who may be interested in your business
  • people and their stories and how your story connects to that
  • the hero’s journey. You or your client being heroes who have overcome hardships and have come out a changed person
  • how your business started
  • how your product or service came about
  • where you come from
  • why you understand me the customer
  • the connection that the customer has with you


Using the format below, I help you to collect, shape and tell your stories:

  • on your website as your story tailor
  • in your organization as your presence tailor
  • as an entrepreneur on a stage of your choice
  • on all social media expressions

For whom: Small businesses, Coaching Practice, Corporations, Leaders 

By working with hundreds of customers on their various stories, I have developed a format that serves as a guide during this program. I’m taking you by the hand. A very experienced hand. A hand that has experienced what you are experiencing now and more.

We can therefore work purposefully, practically and positively.


 1. Story patterns: How do you collect your stories?

We collect stories from your work and life. That means we have a lot of material to go through. Our approach is holistic and 4-dimensional. We turn stories inside out and outside in. Just like the clothes we enjoy wearing. We are both story tailors. This phase is in your hands with guidelines, documents, information provided for you online. In this phase we start with your highest ideals and your deepest beliefs. Your core values and core beliefs. They run like a thread through your stories. They are the lines of your story patterns.

You supply raw material in which we will make reflective, confrontational and loving (hard) choices. These choices depend on other choices. Context, purpose, audience, message …

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

– Joseph Campbell

2. Story presence: How do you shape your story?

These are partly creative, intensive, inspiring, live and online sessions in which we transform your raw material into: a one-word pitch, a tagline, a logline, a one-line pitch, seductive, attention-grabbing opening sentences, meaningful messages, core questions, core results, campfire stories, identity story, value story, data stories, brand stories, mission story, vision story, network pitch, table pitch, website content, bio, profile texts, product stories, social media presence bio and stories.

The topics we choose are aligned with your needs and your context. I’ll be there with you every step of the way with advice and mentoring.

3. Story power: How do you tell your story?

Your story usually starts with: I’m … Yeah right? Everything that comes after that first sound either makes or breaks your story. This is an example in the narrative form. This example has many opening sentences. Sentences that make your audience hang on to your every word.  All scientifically substantiated. In this programme you will learn how storytelling is also a science. How hormones work if you tell a story well. How you to tell your story within your chosen context, in your style and rhythm. How to be present on stage, connect with strength and how your story evolves. How to use your voice, your body, the stage, the audience, props, sound, imagery.

Note: If you have stage fright I can partly help you with that, but you may need therapeutic help.




Getting to know each other on Skype each other or if you like, we can meet personally at the location below, in a cafe with delicious tea or coffee. All other sessions will take place at an online or physical location. In between you will receive online assignments depending on the programme topic.


During a period of 6 – 8 weeks we work intensively and positively. After we are finished we will have 2 follow-ups.


Online location on or in Regus Rivoli, Leidsche Rijn Centrum, Utrecht. Three minutes walk from the bus en train station. Rightaway connection from The Hague, Den Bosch and four minutes by train from Utrecht Central. Three hours of free parking.

Clarity Call:

Doubts, questions, dilemmas? Do not hesitate to call me at 06-11346979 or to Whatsapp me. My mail is

After I became an I started my business, Waheeda guided me in writing my story for my website. What I found very pleasant is that Waheeda looks at the person and the story that really belongs to the person. Not some generic message you will read everywhere, and which lack authenticity. No, first write down who you really are, where you come from and what your real passions are. After this “homework” we sat down for a day to the actual writing for the site using the data from my homework. For me a wonderful approach, and a direct check whether my message gets across well and whether the information provided leaves the right impression with the reader. Together with Waheeda, “Storytelling” has nicely integrated a personal message into a professional context. It was great to be able  to do the “fine tuning” via Skype. (and that fits in with my way of working, which I also like to advise my clients). Waheeda, thanks!

Addy de Hond, Owner Pervienire

Waheeda is a warm woman who takes you to the heart of  youand knows how to reconstruct your real story. Waheeda is a storyteller, a real word magician. In a very short time she knows how to formulate the right words and sentences. She also brought me back to my base. The realisation from where I did everything and the realisation that it is no longer necessary. Like me, she is a strong listener and a critical questioner. I also really appreciate her for that. She makes everything come together and turns vulnerability into strength.

Nathalie Koumans, Informatiespecialist

Waheeda Shadood is from English-speaking Guyana and traveled to the Netherlands when she was 17. She is bilingual. Besides a great love for stories, she is a citizen of the world, an adventurer, an Official Linkedin Ambassador, Certified Chief Storyteller, (NOLOC / CMI) Register (Career, Narrative, Walk & Talk) Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She has over 20 years of experience at the intersection of leadership, people, organisation, coaching, marketing, entrepreneurship, career and storytelling. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs get a grasp on themselves (mindset & choices ) and a grasp on their stories (work, life, brand) She believes this is the way to genuineness, leadership, and impact. She envisions a world in which we listen to each other without judgment and make collective stories. Mastering and valuing our stories free of insecurities and shame.