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In the daily grind of work and life, there is usually no time for your stories. This programme is tailored to your needs. Personal and professional storytelling.


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Storytelling is telling stories to understand ourselves, the world and others around and make them feel what we feel.

Great to see you here! 

Before you proceed, I would like to emphasise that this is a personal subscription, to use on a monthly basis at your discretion whenever needed. I therefore have no defined frameworks, only the intention to help you as well and as feasible as possible.

Are you highly educated, employed, self-employed, independent entrepreneur,  interim professional? Do you want the freedom to consult  with a certified Chief Storyteller, Story Tailor and Coach who, in addition to extensive life experience and lessons, has 25 years of experience in HR, Leadership, People and Organisation and an unshakable belief in the power of stories? Who has mastered the magic and mastery of stories and likes to share it with you? Who would love to help you discover and use the magic and mastery of your own stories?

I have created two types of subscribers especially for you.

Get a Grasp On You and Get a Grasp On your Story.

With this coach subscription you can call on me from Monday to Saturday between 11 am and 5pm.

Storytelling is hip and happening. I really want you to experience and learn that storytelling is more than just telling stories.

Do you recognise this?

  1. You are in front of a group, training or doing a presentation, you gradually see your audience drop out right in front of your eyes. You feel powerless.
  2. You are at a gathering and are asked to talk about who you are or what you do. The story that rolls out of your mouth is average.
  3. Or, you once started your business and built a website. Your website story is professional but very impersonal.
  4. As an entrepreneur, coach, trainer, manager, professional you would like to use storytelling in a credible and authentic way
  5. You secretly dream of sharing your personal story. Of standing in front of an audience. But what is that story?
  6. And, how do you find that story? How do you shape that story? How do you tell it?
  7. How do you connect to yourself and to others using your story?
  8. As an organisation you would like to do something with the stories of your employees. Especially in these times. But what?
  9. You have to prepare a pitch, but where and how do you start?
  10. You have prepared a speech for any occasion and would really like a sounding board?

By working with hundreds of customers on their various stories, I have developed a format that serves as a guide during this program. I’m taking you by the hand. A very experienced hand. A hand that has experienced what you are experiencing now and more. We can therefore work purposefully, practically and positively.

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

– Joseph Campbell


aClarity call

If you are interested, I will schedule a free online consultation with you of approximately 30-45 minutes to determine in advance where your needs lie. Then we agree whether you want to take out a regular or tailored subscription.. 


If you are employed, you can finance this program from your personal budget, your career budget, your development budget, your training budget. Most CAO’s have made provision for this and are even obliged to do so. A coaching trajectory is often more effective than following a course. Ask your employer about possibilities for reimbursement of the coaching sessions for work-related questions.


If you as a private individual pay the costs for coaching yourself, you can deduct these costs, including VAT, as training costs. The trajectory must then be aimed at changing position or at maintaining or improving the knowledge and skills that you need to acquire or maintain income from work. For more information, please contact the tax authorities.

Independent entrepreneurs

The costs of coaching for self-employed entrepreneurs are tax deductable as operational costs. If you pay for the programme yourself, this is tax deductable until January 2022.


If you want to use this programme as an organisation for your employees, then that is of course great! I would like to discuss this with you.


Purposeful, personal, practical and eternally positive. Also a perfectionist, I do confess. Because if you have paid me to help you, you’re entitled to perfection. Perfection not as an obsessive behavior but as a standard of beauty, quality and bespoke norm. You always have a result that you could not have imagined beforehand. You will experience and benefit from my broad experience, my life experience and creativity. You choose for each session whether you want face to face (including walking coaching), telephone, e-coaching or online coaching. You also decide when you need a next session. The face to face sessions take place in Utrecht.


The subscription can be cancelled monthly. The price above is for a month. If you want several months, you can purchase this product several times. This means 6 months of coaching is 6 x 250 euros. 


A few weeks ago, Jelle Buiting, Edwin van Cranenbroek and I had a guest lecture from Waheeda about storytelling. What is it, what can you achieve with it, what impact does it have and how do you use it? We took Waheeda’s experiences as input for our final presentation at KLM. Successfully. We got a 9.0 for the storytelling part! Thank you again Waheeda for the nice afternoon.

Thanee Kruse Koster

After I became an I started my business, Waheeda guided me in writing my story for my website. What I found very pleasant is that Waheeda looks at the person and the story that really belongs to the person. Not some generic message you will read everywhere, and which lack authenticity. No, first write down who you really are, where you come from and what your real passions are. After this “homework” we sat down for a day to the actual writing for the site using the data from my homework. For me a wonderful approach, and a direct check whether my message gets across well and whether the information provided leaves the right impression with the reader. Together with Waheeda, “Storytelling” has nicely integrated a personal message into a professional context. It was great to be able  to do the “fine tuning” via Skype. (and that fits in with my way of working, which I also like to advise my clients). Waheeda, thanks!

Addy de Hond, Eigenaar Pervienire

Waheeda is a warm woman who takes you to the heart of  youand knows how to reconstruct your real story. Waheeda is a storyteller, a real word magician. In a very short time she knows how to formulate the right words and sentences. She also brought me back to my base. The realisation from where I did everything and the realisation that it is no longer necessary. Like me, she is a strong listener and a critical questioner. I also really appreciate her for that. She makes everything come together and turns vulnerability into strength.

Nathalie Koumans, Informatiespecialist

 Waheeda Shadood is from English-speaking Guyana and traveled to the Netherlands when she was 17. She is bilingual. Besides a great love for stories, she is a citizen of the world, an adventurer, an Official Linkedin Ambassador, Certified Chief Storyteller, (NOLOC / CMI) Register (Career, Narrative, Walk & Talk) Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She has over 20 years of experience at the intersection of leadership, people, organisation, coaching, marketing, entrepreneurship, career and storytelling. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs get a grasp on themselves (mindset & choices ) and a grasp on their stories (work, life, brand) She believes this is the way to genuineness, leadership, and impact. She envisions a world in which we listen to each other without judgment and make collective stories. Mastering and valuing our stories free of insecurities and shame.